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君に ずっと側にいて欲しい

☆ fishie~魚 ☆
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☆ About me:
Referred to as Brenda, Fishie, Fish, Brenda-fish, Brenda-squeeze, Magikarp, Dork, Night Light, Demagorgon, Dumbshit, no-name, or love. But most commonly called Brenda, or Fishie works too. :]

Is 15 years young. Perverted, has a weird sense of humor, easily jealous, posessive, obsessive, loves to smile & laugh, nice (usually), patient, but easily annoyed [Yes, the combination of being patient & easily annoyed is possible], of the WASIAN persuasion, and yeahh...

☆ Likes: Food, rollercoasters, being tickled, music, poetry, school (Really!), funny people, friends, family, JE, piggy-back rides, and tons of other things.

☆ Dislikes: Annoying, stupid, prejudiced, ignorant, arrogant, hard to read, indecisive people. Also math, feeling EMO, being alone for long periods of time, awkward silence, not being able to comfort people, moldy food XD, etc.

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» Johnny's Entertainment ♬♪ → 小山慶一郎

Well, you are the one
the one that lies close to me
Whispers "Hello, I miss you quite terribly"

I fell in love,
in love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be
but here in your arms.

「Here in Your Arms by Hellogoodbye」